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Multiwave X Max

Multiwave X Max

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The LED light technology used in this device was first researched and developed by NASA. Multiwave X-Max uses this light as a source of energy to rejuvenate your skin and naturally restore it to its healthy form.
The 4 color cycles used in the Multiwave X-Max’s light therapy system penetrate your skin painlessly and target specific benefits to better your well-being. Along with the heat option, which increases the wavelength absorption in your body, this device delivers miraculous results and is the ideal tool to achieve a perfect anti-aging look and feel.
Multiwave X-Max offers a variety of benefits such as wrinkle reduction, bacteria, and inflammation elimination, reduced scar appearance, and repair of sun damage. It can be used all over the body and face to reach maximum results from head to toe! Use this device 3 times a week for best results and once noticing a significant change, reduce the use to just once a week in order to maintain your new and improved look!

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