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LED Face Mask

LED Face Mask

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The LED Face Mask by Glamour NYC is a luxurious device carefully designed for your ease and comfort. The mask uses LED light technology that operates to effectively repair and rejuvenate your skin. Working painlessly with your skin's natural ability to heal, our mask provides you with high-end facial treatments in the comfort of your own home. 
Using 3 different color cycles, the Glamour LED Face Mask is highly beneficial and produces results without side effects:
- Red light improves cell activity and natural collagen production in the body, resulting in tighter, smoother skin. 
- Blue light diminishes bacteria, decreases inflammation, and reduces acne.
- Yellow light lowers melanin production, balances pigmentation, and improves scar appearance. 
All color cycles are completed in one single treatment, ensuring an effective reviving self-care session. 

The LED Face Mask by Glamour includes an easy navigation remote control with which you can customize your treatment length and light intensity. One session includes all three light modes (red, blue, and yellow) in order to help you reach the best results and consistent treatments. 

The recommended treatment frequency is using the mask three to four times a week, for no longer than 25 minutes per session. Once noticeable results are achieved, you may reduce sessions to once or twice a week in order to maintain long-lasting results. 

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